Do you know that you could use Github to create a free website or blog? While it’s not as straightforward as Wordpress, you don’t need to worry about hackers who constantly try to log into your Wordpress admin panel, comment spams, or yearly web hosting fees which increases every year. This is enabled by using a feature called Github Pages that render your codes to a endpoint and a tool called Jekyll which generates(build) static blog posts, and it doesn’t look any different from a Wordpress site!

You could still have pagination, categories, etc. The caveat is that you probably need more grease work and there’s some learning curve to learn how to setup “gem”.

After following some helpful guides online and spending a couple of weekends on this fun project, I have successfully migrated my old wordpress site to a sprankling new Jekyll blog!

If you are inspired, and want to join many other geeks who have moved from Wordpress to a free Jekyll blog, here are some useful guides that I have used:

Using custom domain (your own .com):

I did some customization on the current theme and if you like, feel free to clone it here.